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Troubleshooting failed workflows in vRealize Orchestrator 8.5.1

vRealize Orchestrator is the automation engine behind vRealize Automation. I noticed recently that there were several jobs that were failing.

One of these jobs, MOUNT ISO had returned a 400 OK message in the Service Portal:

Upon inspection of one of the failed workflows, a message is displayed:

The "TypeError: Cannot call method "filter" of undefined (Dynamic Script Module name : getWindowsVMsFromDeployment#77)" indicated to me that there was some kind of issue communicating with vCenter.

Troubleshooting vRO can be difficult, as it is a beast and has many moving pieces. A good place to start is checking to see if the underlying infrastructure is connected and synced.

By checking the inventory, we can see that there is an issue with the link toward the vCenter:

Upon investigation, I determined that the password for the svc-vro-vsphere service account had been updated, this caused the user to stop working. To resolve the issue, we need to run the "Add a vCenter Server instance" workflow, and click RUN:

Enter the VC username and password details and run the workflow:

After the workflow has completed, you will see that the VC connection is in much better shape now:

When I go back to a VM to run the MOUNT ISO wizard, it issue has been resolved, meaning that the workflows are working again:

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