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vSphere Design Considerations: Availability

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Designing new platforms can be complicated. When you are in charge of designing and managing your own vSphere infrastructure, you will be presented with a number of design options and a plethora of features which enables certain outcomes which have considerable effects on your workload availability and performance. It is important to have a good understanding of what your options are, and what-does-what in your environment.

I wanted to give an example of what I consider to be a good mind map of certain design decisions and how requirements affect the decisions you make.

In this diagram, we look at availability from both a platform (core, compute, storage) and feature / mechanism perspective.

Starting at the top we have some basic questions that should be directed at the customer / project owner. Depending on the answer, there are certain design choices that we have. Some are related to other areas depending on the requirements.

Of course this is not an exhaustive outline of the options available, but it does provide some insight on how a design workflow can look like from an Architects point of view.

In future posts, I will be covering the rest of the areas of the AMPRS design methodology:

And of course, its always a good idea to engage your local VMware Professional Services (PSO) or certified partner if you are seeking world-class enterprise design guidance.

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the vendors, brands or my employer.

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