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vSphere with Tanzu Cluster Fails to Deploy

I ran into an issue when deploying a TKG cluster where the cluster object in vCenter would be created under Namespaces but for some reason it would not deploy the virtual machines needed to make the cluster. The VM deployment was looping, where it would try to deploy the control plane node, which would then immediately delete itself.

From the kubectl point of view, it showed an error deploying from the content library:

ice@tkg-jumpsrvr01:~$ kubectl get events -n test03
1s Warning   CreateFailure     virtualmachine/test03-control-plane-gkdpc  deploy from content library failed for image "photon-3-k8s-v1.21.6---vmware.1-tkg.1.b3d708a": deploy error: The operation failed due to An error occurred during host configuration.

The task console displayed issues with the OVF deployment:

After troubleshooting I determined that the issue was related to the TKR VM template in the content library.

When deploying the template, the network assigned had been deleted or modified so this was preventing the image from being deployed.

I deleted the image and uploaded a new version. After converting the OVF to a VM and then exporting to a template, I selected another network.

Deploying the cluster with the updated template succeeded:



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