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Installing the VxRail Management Pack for vRealize Operations 8.2 (Step by Step)

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

vRealize Operations has turned out to be a very important tool used for troubleshooting SDDC related problems at several of my customers. With some of them deciding to use it as their sole datacenter troubleshooting platform.

DellEMC has recently released a VxRAIL management pack for vRO. I was eager to get this up and running myself. Below are the step needed to install the package in your environment (I am using vRO version 8.2.0 and VxRAIL 4.7.515 in my environment).

Step 1: Navigate to the following link and download the management pack. You will need to login with your DellEMC account credentials.

Step 2: Log into vRO, click on Administration > Repository > Add / Upgrade. Unzip the management pack and select the .pak file from the folder.

Step 3: Next, accept the terms and conditions and install the package.

Step 4: Click Add Account, add your vCenter information and authentication info, then click Validate Connection. Do this for all of the VxRAIL clusters you wish to add to the system. You will now see your clusters as ACTIVE. Under Collector / Group, I used the Default Collector in my case as I have a vRO cluster running in my environment.

Step 5: Next, go to Dashboards, search for VxRAIL, select Capacity Utilization, Operations and Performance Troubleshooting.

Step 6: And finally, select the VxRAIL Operations and other panels at the left to get helpful insights into your VxRAIL clusters.

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