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VxRAIL Node Install Sequence

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Recently I started working on a VCF on VxRAIL implementation, based on the DellEMC E560F hardware platform. Per DellEMC: VxRAIL is the only jointly engineered hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) system with deep VCF integration, which delivers automated lifecycle management to streamline operations and reduce TCO.

One consideration regarding the rack and stack of phase of the implementation is how the physical nodes need to be physically installed into the racks.

Some implementation engineers might be inexperienced with VxRAIL and how to physically install the nodes.

The DellEMC best practice is to rack the nodes in ascending order (lowest to highest serial number) from the bottom of the rack. By using the preferred system, the ESXi host ID will always match the rack unit number. This is to insure that the node installed in the physical rack matches the ESXi host numbering.

Installation engineers should consider this when planning any VxRAIL system implementation.

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