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HCX Destination "Unable to Create Network Profile" SOLVED

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

HCX in an interesting product that has been around for a while now. The solution provides the ability to do large scale, parallel virtual machine migrations between on-premise datacenters, and from on-premise and public cloud.

In my use case, I am using HCX Manager to migrate virtual machines from an older legacy VMware datacenter, over to a new VCF on VxRAIL 3.10 SDDC.

When setting up the HCX Manager, you start with the destination first and install the HCX Manager OVA into the VCF on VxRAIL workload domain vCenter. After that you download the HCX Connector OVA and install that in the source vCenter where your virtual machines to be migrated exist.

So I did those steps and setup both HCX appliances at the source and destination. Starting on the source appliance, you create a compute and network profile. Then you go to the destination side and do the same.

The HCX Manager is currently configured on the destination site, which is a VCF on VxRAIL 3.10 system. This is a brand new installation.

When creating Compute Profile I  get to the Network Profiles section, and when I try to create the network profile I get the following error: “Unable to create network profile”.

No network profiles have ever been created before. The HCX Manager VM was installed in the MGMT WLD vCenter.

I tried made changes here and there but was not able to get it to work.

I did some research and there were some similar issues on the VMware Community Site:

These threads were never resolved, and I am not sure if my issue is the exactly same as any of these, but I wanted to share what worked in my case.

I started from scratch and deleted / reinstalled the HCX Manager VM, but this time I installed it on the VI WLD vCenter and not the MGMT WLD vCenter. It is a best practice to run HCX closest to the virtual machines you are migrating to, in this case it would be the VI vCenter.

I also insured that unrestricted System Administrator access was configured between the HCX Manager and the VI vCenter.

Afterwards, I was able to create my network profiles without any issues:

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