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How to install PX-Backup on TCE

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

It is important that modern platforms have a robust backup and DR design as part of the implementation. I made a previous post about backup and DR that can be found here.

In my last post, I installed Portworx Enterprise on TCE. In this post we are going to install PX-Backup, Portworx`s enterprise grade Kubernetes backup platform.

1.) Install Helm

Helm can be installed with Homebrew:

1.) Create PX-Backup Spec & Install

Navigate to Portworx Central and select PX-Backup:

Specify the namespace and the default storage class. Helm 3 and OnPrem then hit Next:

The next section contains your PX-Backup spec download scripts:

Copy and paste these into the Tanzu jump server in order to complete the installation:

2.) Access PX-Backup UI

Run the following command to enable port forwarding outside of the k8s environment:

kubectl port-forward service/px-backup-ui 8080:80 --namespace kube-system

If you are using Putty, navigate to your settings and go into the Tunnels section. Enter the source port as 8080 and destination address as, then click Apply:

Open a browser and navigate to You will now have access to the GUI. The username and password is admin/admin:

You will need to change the default password the first time that you login.

Click Add Cluster to add our TCE cluster:

Enter the cluster name and the output of of the --minify command:

The cluster has now been added to our system:

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