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Tanzu Community Edition Node-level Troubleshooting

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

There may be times that you need to perform operations on the actual TCE Node VM itself. I was recently troubleshooting an issue related to the vsphere-csi-controller container.

I needed to see if I could manually pull the container images from the software depot and then run it locally on one of the TCE nodes. In order to do that, I needed to ssh into the individual node.

1.) Locate The Node

First, locate the node where your container is running:

kubectl get po -o wide

You can find the node ID in vCenter if you are working on that Cloud Provider.

2.) SSH Into The Node

In order to SSH into the node, we need to find our private key, this is private key that is generated when you created the Tanzu jumphost and first setup the environment in preparation for making a management cluster. I detail how to do this in a previous post.

After locating the key, SSH into the node:

sudo ssh -i id_rsa capv@TCE_NODE_IP

I am now able to access local services running on the node, such as the containerd runtime:

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